Illinois Wesleyan
The College Tour

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Illinois Wesleyan steps into the spotlight

Recently, Illinois Wesleyan was lucky enough to be featured on The College Tour - a TV series that tells the stories of colleges across the United States through the voices of people who know them best: their students!

Tour IWU’s stunning 80-acre campus and meet a group of current students who call it home. Meet a visionary physics major with an entrepreneurial spirit, a singing neuro-science major, and a student athlete gaining hands-on experience investing in the stock market, and much more. Discover why IWU is known as “The AND University,” offering the perfect home for multi-talented students.

Individual Segments


Welcome to IWU


A Great Town, BloNo


Finding Your Home


The "And" University


A Winning Tradition


A Spirit of Innovation


At IWU, We're Family


Inspiring Tomorrow's Educators


Destination Thrive


Learning in Action


Setting the Stage


Coffee With The President